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The jury of the Competition STA13 is composed of experts with long professional careers in the world of photography and architecture. Below you can see a brief personal outline on each of the members that compose it:

Fernando Alda.

Fernando Alda


Born in Aranjuez in 1958 and living in Seville since 1986, he has been professionally dedicated to photography since 1981, and, in particular, to the photography of architecture since the year 1987.

His studio, in which five persons work, carries out high quality work in the processing of the images, both analogue and digital, and in the final presentation of all the material. This material, which goes on to form part of a file, the majority digitalized, with more than two thousand reports, serves as continuous consultation for a large number of publications worldwide.

His works are published monthly in national and foreign books and magazines.

Juan Pedro Donaire.

Juan Pedro Donaire


DONAIRE ARQUITECTOS is a firm created in Seville in the year 2000. A young team with ample experience that works in contemporary architecture with traditional as well as innovative materials. The team designs public and private buildings as well as furniture and graphic design.

The last international project in which they are currently working was the winner of the 1st Prize in the competition for A.M. Qattan Foundation Building in Ramallah, Palestine.

Alexander Gümbel.

Alexander Gümbel


Born in Potsdam, Germany, he learned the art of photography in Berlin. In 1999 he moved to London where he began his studies in contemporary dance in the Laban Centre; later he specialized in lighting design for dance and theatre. From the year 2004 he lives in Bogotá, since then he has worked with numerous institutions and directors of dance and theatre, as photographer, interpreter and especially as designer.

Using light and image as the main tools of his work, he accentuates a relationship with the space in constant movement.

Currently he is teacher of photography in the University of the Andes where he also takes postgraduate studies in architecture.

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Kavi Sánchez.

Kavi Sánchez


Professional Advertising Photographer specialized in Photography of Architecture and Interiors, Food and Products for 15 years.

The basis of his work consists of putting into practice all of his photographic knowledge, experience and techniques to capture through his photographs the attention of the customer in benefit of his clients: architects, designers, restaurants, hotels, advertising agencies, publishing firms, magazines, singular buildings, etc.

Among other studies he has taken: Master’s in Professional Photography at EFTI, Course in Photography of Architecture and Interiors at ESCUELA FLASH, Master’s in Photography of Food and Drinks at ESCUELA LOOK, Workshop in Photography of capturing liquids in movement and creation of NEUROART effects.


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