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The STSTREET13 Contest jury is comprised of experts with an extensive professional track record in the photography world. Below we have provided you with a brief overview of each jurist’s personal and professional background:

José Manuel Alorda.

José Manuel Alorda


Born in Ibiza, Spain, in 1967, he possesses a degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in Visual Arts.

He has taught photography as a visiting Professor of Photography at different schools, as well as leading seminars on the topic. His work as a professional photographer is centred on architecture and portraiture. He has shown his work at numerous expositions and received awards both in Spain and abroad. In 1988 he purchased a small analogue Lomo LC-A camera with which he began, in an unplanned fashion, to take street shots in the search for a means of personal expression and as an outlet for technique.

He currently resides and works in Belgium.

Marcelo Caballero.

Marcelo Caballero

Photographer, journalist, traveller and active blogger.

For several years while in Argentina, he combined his work as a teacher of literature and visual semiotics workshops at the School of Journalism in La Plata with contributing work to the news dailies Clarin, El Dia and travel magazines, such as Time for Adventure.

After some long treks around South America and Asia, he moved to Catalonia, where he led travel photography workshops with Rafael Badia at the IEFC (Catalan Institute of Photographic Studies), and photographic publishing workshops with Jose Manuel Navia (Agence VU) and Tony Soriano (National Geographic.)

Currently he regularly contributes to magazines such as The World of the Pyrenees and  Girona Magazine, with photographic agencies such as Age Fotostock and Gran Angular Press (Barcelona.) Last year he began a new stage as a contributor to TERRAdeNingú.com, where he reflects on the world of photography. He is also a founding member of the first organization dedicated to street photography in Spain: Calle 35 (Barcelona.).

Luis Camacho.

Luis Camacho


He has been working since 2001 as a regular contributor to lead articles for publications in the Unidad Editorial Group: the Medical Journal (vertical daily), Expansion (economic news daily), Pharmaceutical News (vertical weekly), and Telva Magazine. His portraits have been published on a periodic basis in Esquire and Forbes magazines.

He has published photographs in ABC, El Mundo, El País, Diario 16, Telva, El Semanal, QUE, AR, El Mundo Deportivo, Diario As, Megaphon, Kleine Zeitung, among others.

In addition, he has received scholarships and awards that have allowed him to carry out his most personal work, such as: a Spanish Ministry of Culture scholarship for a stay at the Spanish School in Paris, Support for Spanish Art and New Trends Award from the Ministry of Culture, and the Euro Press Photo Award.

Gonzalo Höhr.

Gonzalo Höhr


Born in Cadiz, Spain, in 1979. In 1997 he moved to Malaga to study Audiovisual Communication, and in the summer of 1998, after taking part in various photography workshops during the “Zahara Foto” sessions directed by Gervasio Sanchez, Carlos de Andres and Larry Mangino, he moved to Madrid in order to combine his university studies with Professional Photography course work at the E.F.T.I. (Institute of Photography and Visual Technology.)

While in Madrid he began his work as an assistant and photography aide to Isabel Munoz, Amador Torial and many other photographers over the following 3 years, until he was able to begin work as a freelance photographer for various magazines and newspapers.

In 2003 he took part in a workshop led by Alex Webb, of the MAGNUM agency, and met Jessica Murray, his current partner in the Al-liquindoi workshops. Al-liquindoi Photography Workshops are a platform for organizing documentary photography sessions given by some of the best leading photographers on the international level. Over these last 10 years, workshops have been organized in Spain and abroad (Palestine, Syria, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United States, Mali), and further initiatives in other countries are in the works.

In 2004 he returned to Cadiz to direct the photography department at the Vocento Group’s “LA VOZ DE CÁDIZ.” Since 2007, the year in which he decided to leave daily press work behind, he has centred his activity on developing a variety of personal freelance projects and contribute to the con Al-liquindoi Photography Workshops. This new arrangement affords him the opportunity of contributing to the Medicos del Mundo and Accion Contra el Hambre NGOs, developing projects in Algeria, Mali and Niger.

At the start of 2009, together with photographer Tania Castellanos, he created GOTAestudio, an office based in Cadiz from where he manages his personal and professional projects.

Maria Plòtnikova.

Maria Plòtnikova


Born in Moscow, Russia, in 1984. She has been professionally dedicated to sports photography for a variety of Moscow publications since 2006.

She and her husband moved to Latin America in 2010, where she went independent as an artist and began to gain an interest in Street Photography. In 2012 she was pre-selected for the London Festival of Street Photography and chosen as finalist at the Moscow Street Photography Festival. Since 2012 she has been a member of the Street Photographers organization (

Carlos Prieto.

Carlos Prieto


Born in Lerida, Spain, in 1976. He began to take photographs with an old camera equipped with a 50mm fixed focal lens in 2003, which accompanied him on his sporadic travels. Since then, his passion for photography has never left him, and he has wandered in an apprenticeship that led him to focus on street photography starting in 2009.
He is a founding member of Calle 35.

“When I take photographs, I interpret the world. Photography is subjective, and that’s what I try to capture through the lens. I am fascinated by light, colour, composition, forms, balance. Indeed, photography intrigues me as a form of expression.”

Domingo Venero.

Domingo Venero


Born in Santander, Spain, in 1977. Ever since photography appeared in his life back in 2003, a camera has never left his side. The search for images of daily street life emerged  spontaneously starting with his first roll of film, in an attempt to portray society in the age he chances to live in.

He has resided in Barcelona since 2006, where he has developed some of his photography projects. He teaches photography classes.

“Ambling through the streets, observing, measuring, framing, shooting… capturing an instant for eternity. This vocation of photography is what I most enjoy and what has taught me the most about my fellow human beings.”


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