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Winners #STA13

The winners of "Shoot the Architecture #STA13 Competition":

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1 First Prize: Ángel Martín Gil - Salamanca (Spain) | Honourable Mention: Javier Bravo Javato - Burgos (Spain)  | Honourable Mention: Dori Fernández Aguilar - Sevilla (Spain) | Honourable Mention: Víctor Garay Sánchez - Mérida (Spain) | Honourable Mention: Carlos Garmendia Fernández - Bilbao (Spain) | Honourable Mention: Pedro Ignacio García Sáez - Málaga (Spain) | Honourable Mention: Giovanni Menesto - Chieti (Italy) | Honourable Mention: Francisco Pérez Florido - Sevilla (Spain) | Honourable Mention: David Rodríguez Palomar - Sevilla (Spain) | Honourable Mention: Juan Torres Rueda - Mérida (Spain)


Winners Photographies:


Ángel Martín Gil

01 Angel Martin


Javier Bravo Jabato
02 Javier Bravo

Dori Fernández Aguilar
03 Dori Fernandez

Víctor Garay Sánchez
04 Victor Garay

Carlos Garmendia Fernández
05 Carlos Garmendia

Pedro Ignacio García Sáez
06 Pedro Ignacio Garcia

Giovanni Menesto
07 Giovanni Menesto

Francisco Pérez Florido
08 Francisco Perez

David Rodríguez Palomar
09 David Rodriguez

Juan Torres Rueda
10 Juan Torres

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