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Photography Workshop Travel and Street photography #PHCFALLAS14

Photography Workshop "Travel & Street photography #PHCFALLAS14" in Valencia (Spain), a unique travel and street photography
workshop with Zisis Kardianos (BurnMyEye) and Marcelo Cabalero (Calle35)

Zisis Kardianos (of Burn My Eye collective) and Marcelo Caballero (of Calle35 collective) are combining their expertise and knowledge to offer to a handpicked and
limited number of passionate photographers, a unique workshop experience that will take their photography skills to the next level.


Date: March 16 to March 20, 2014 · 5 days
Place: Valencia · Spain
Workshop Cap: An intimate class of up to 10 participants
Price: The workshop fee is 450€.

In order to secure your place in the workshop, a deposit of 150€ is required, the balance to be paid no later than two weeks before the start of the workshop. Payment may be made by bank transfer, credit card or paypal. Contact us for details.
Special early-bird price is 380€ if you register before
January 31st and pay the tuition in advance.

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The workshop is split into two equally important components. The spontaneous and creative act of shooting and the project oriented, intuitive editing.

First Day – Sunday March 16th 16:00-21:00
Place: Bookseller Railowsky
The first half of the afternoon will begin with reviewing each participant’s portfolio of previous work. We will use this review as a starting off point to get to know each other better and for a larger discussion about various photographic concerns.

The second half will consists of brief lectures given by Marcelo and Zisis on the various facets of street photography, the basic grammar and objectives of travel photography and how to accomplish a specific assignment. The lectures will be followed by Q&A from all participants, where you can raise all issues of particular interest.

Before the end of our first meeting, you will choose by yourself a working assignment to be completed during the consequent three days of the workshop. The assignment will be based on your personal needs and can focus in any genre you prefer, be it street, travel, portraiture, urban landscape etc.

Second, Third and Fourth Day
Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th
These are full schedule shooting days, from early morning to late night and it’s on the discretion of each participant how to best exploit his/her time. Zisis and Marcello will shoot in pairs with different participants every day and for the rest of your time, we advise you to work in pairs with a fellow photographer.
But this is entirely up to you and depending on the peculiarities of your chosen assignment.

Because these days are the core of the fiesta, with many different and spectacular events happening throughout the day and night and the streets and piazzas flooded with people, we should make the most of it by being out and shooting most of the time. However, we will plan brief evening meetings in the
workshop space where we can critique as a group each photographer’s ongoing work. Throughout the workshop, we will
try to build a coherent set of images for each photographer that will begin to represent his or her photographic stance or attitude toward the fiesta, the city of Valencia or whatever else you have decide to work on.

Fifth Day – Thursday 20th 11:00-15:00 & 18:00-22:00
Place: Bookseller Railowsky
The last day of the workshop will be devoted entirely on reviewing, editing and sequencing the work you shot on the previous days. We will show you the basic workflow in Lightroom and how quickly and effectively edit and sort your photos to create sets with visual/narrative cohesion and serve the prevailing idea of your assignment. You will receive by Marcelo and Zisis a direct, honest and constructive critique of your work and you will learn how to be the most austere critic of your work.

We will try to track down great stand-alone pictures from the sum of your work, but also we will spot the images that better serve the assignment’s objectives.

Zisis Kardianos

Zisis Kardianos BN

Zisis Kardianos (1962 born in Greece) studied documentary photography in the Focus School in Athens and Sociology in the American College of Greece. He is a founding member of the international photography collective Burn My Eye and a contributing photographer of the Millennium photo agency.

He is a passionate street photographer but he also shoots on assignment for travel and news publications.

His work has been published in numerous photography and travel magazines and he has participated in exhibitions and workshops in Greece and abroad. He focuses on the mysterious nuances and the strange coincidences of life as they are unfolding in the public sphere of his home town, of various Greek cities and the countries of Europe’s south. In 2012 he self-published his book “A sense of place”.

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Marcelo Caballero

(1963 born in Argentina). In 1992 he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of La Plata (Argentina) as journalist and degree in Social Communication. Later, he combined his work as a researcher and teacher of literature and visual semiotics in the same Faculty of La Plata with collaborations in the newspapers “Clarín”, “El Día” and magazines as “Tiempo de Aventura”.

After many photographic journeys to America and Asia, in 2007 he settled in Barcelona where he made photo editing workshops with Rafael Badia, José Manuel Navia (Agence Vu) and Tino Soriano (National Geographic). Currently collaborates regularly with magazines and european photo agencies. He also writes about the world of documentary photography in various several websites, including on his blog “Miradas Cómplices”.

Founding member of Calle 35, has held several conferencesand photographic expositions in Barcelona, Perpingan (France) and Miami (USA).

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